Corp All Offices

Client: Corp All

Year: 2018/9

Type: Commercial
Field: Interior Design & Custommade Furniture 
Service: Design & Manufacture (Full Service)

From the concept to the concretion of an import/export company based near the Port of Buenos Aires.

Status: Ongoing


We based the concept of the project in the Port History of Buenos Aires. 

This set the material selection for the interior and furniture.

Material Board Corp All-2.jpg
uddo studio Pics Buenos Aires 01.jpg

Floor Plan

Top View . Corp All . Workspace 1.jpg
Top View . Corp All . Workspace-3 1.jpg

Manager's Office

The office is closed by a 4 panel iron framed doors, that can open to integrate it to the open space.

Inside the space is divided into the working and productive area and a chilled meeting spot.

Manager's Desk

Behind the desk we placed

a wooden map of Buenos Aires,

where the 3 Historical Ports can be identified.

Screen Shot 2018-11-29 at 14.13.44.png

Multifuncional Bookshelf

The furniture selection was based

in a lightweight and calm mood.

This bookshelf serves as a display and coffee station to welcome the company's clients and guests.

Biblioteca 02.jpg
Ilustración_sin_título 2.jpg

Open Office

In the open space we've placed 4 workstations and one meeting room.

The space is framed by a light concrete floor, white walls adding warmth by wooden details and interior plants, integrated in the furniture and open areas.

008 . Open 01.jpg


The desks are an open system, each one of them has its storage, drawers, "L" shaped working surface and individual lighting.

Kitchen & Dining Area

The kitchen is closed by an industrial style door, but we've placed an amenities counter, to help the guests with coffee and drinks.

The table is a multipurpose one, useful for big meeting, waiting area, coffee or lunch breaks and even after hour greetings.

009 . Cocina 04.jpg


The floor integrates the whole space, even in the toilette and kitchen.

The shower is covered by a wooden tile, wich gives warmth to the space.

Here's a sketch of one of the proposals for the mirror and countertop.

On site

This project is currently under construction.

We are working on the interior remodeling, while producing the furniture in the workshops.

More images of the project coming soon...

Workspace Sheets.jpg