Cozy Bedroom

Bedroom & Craft Corner

Client: Private

Year: 2018

Type: Residential
Field: Interior Design & Custommade Furniture 
Service: Design & Manufacture (Full Service)

A lovely desk with storage space for a two girls bedroom. 

Status: Finished

Concept & Moodboad

The goal was to create a relaxed, fresh and creative space. 

Natural and warm materials and textures gave the identity to the project.

Cozy Workstation Concept.jpg
Mood 02.2.png


Cozy Workstation Plan.jpg

Floor Plan

We placed the two beds in an "L" shape configuration to give more space to the room, and create a sofa situation.

The clean desk gives a big working area, keeping the space big and clean.

Cozy Workstation Elevation 02.jpg

Desk Elevation

The floating furniture gives air to the room, while the soft and warm color palette creates a calm mood.

Multifuncional Bed

The two beds are set like an "L" shape sofa, they hold a third bed and one big drawer underneath.

The back up bead has back led lighting and can hold books and glasses.

Cozy Workstation 03.jpg

Storage & Hidden Cables

The printer and the cable connections are hidden, but we keep good and comfortable access.

Beauty + Functionality

Client's Review

"Hello Lucia & Maria,

Congratulations for the work done,

to you and all the team you work with.

The girls came back from school and found the surprise, they loved it!
Incredible work, very delicate and precise."