Media Monks

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Open Workspace

Client: Media Monks Argentina

Year: 2016/7
Type: Commercial
Field: Custommade Furniture 
Service: Design & Manufacture (Full Service)

Workspace for Media Monks Argentina. We delivered more than 50 workstations and storage spaces, in an industrial style for an open space office.

Status: Finished

Floor Plan


In 2016 Media Monks opened its headquarters in Buenos Aires.


We have been in charge of supplying the workstations for the open space, arranged in islands of 10 desks each one.


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The workstations were produced in a 50 pieces series.


The Desks are build by a black metal structure with a hanging virtual box to place the CPU. The surface material is Guatambú, a local light wood in the area of Argentina.

Material Board


The industrial look in the furniture is by the combination of light wood which gives a touch of warmth, and the cold black metal structure.


The logo of the company is built with oxidized metal and lighted with led from the back, enhancing the texture of the wall




Located in the end of every Workstation island, the storage space integrates in the composition, thanks to the dimensions and the materials.

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