Nordic Apartment

Section Family Apartment 02.jpg

Nordic Style Apartment

Client: Private

Year: 2018

Type: Residential
Field: Interior Design & Custommade Furniture 
Service: Design (Online Service)

Functionality and Simplicity in the public area of a Small Family Apartment. 

Status: Finished


The challenge was to solve the dining and living room area of a small apartment for 5. 

Lightweight, functional and clear mood was the goal for the interiors.

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Inspo Family Apartment 01.jpg


Material Board

With a initial box of light concrete floor, we added white & light wood furniture, adding a light gray textile texture.

The bright glass lighting pieces, with a touch of gold and black metal gives elegance and personality to the space.

Floor Plan

With the limited space available, the kitchen, dining and living areas are integrated.

The placement of the table and the sofa sets the circulation, while all the furniture gives storage space.

Floor Plan Family Apartment 04.jpg

Entrance Elevation

In the main entrance door, we placed a light hanging shelf with hidden storage.


In the service entrance, a funcional hanger and shoe rack, which integrates to the tv station.

Section Family Apartment 03.jpg
Section Family Apartment 01.jpg

Dining Area

Table and Storage Furniture are in the same style and materials of the whole room, to create an integrated space.

A functional key hanger shelf is a functional & stylish detail in both entrances.

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Virtual Meeting

We present the project virtually. We love to see the client loving the new and renovated space design. 

And if we don't achieve it, we work on it until it is the dreamed place.