The Team

We are Maria Bustamante 

& Lucia Richiedei

We have many things in common: our passion for design, the ability to spend hours in a fabric shop, the interest for discovering new places and cultures and, most notoriously, our ADN.​

The team works thanks to the sinergy produced between the vision of a millennial, a baby boomer and the empathy we have with our clients.

The Designer

Maria Bustamante

Founder of the studio, graduated as an Industrial Designer and specialized in Furniture Design with a Postgraduate Course in the University of Buenos Aires. In 2017 she moved to Milán to study a Master in Interior Design, working for the studio projects, immersed in the Italian Design World.

From 2018 she's based in Bonn, Germany, from where she attends the most important Design Fairs in Europe. 

She loves contemporary design & to integrate nature in every living space.

Lucia Richiedei

Based in Buenos Aires, she joined the Team to close the production process and help in the growth of the supplier's network. With an engineering background and later immersion in the design world, she plays a fundamental role in the construction site and production process in Buenos Aires.


Responsible of the Project Management, from the client's meetings, through the quality control, to the production supervision and onsite coordination. She loves to keep the traditional style present adding in the design pieces that gives identity to the space.

The Project Manager